Reviewed by: Hillary Mull

“Each time you blow a kiss to that world, you spread pollen that might grow into a new plant.


You Are Stardust is a children’s book is filled with fantastic comparisons of the wonders of the earth to the wonders of our bodies and selves (e.g., electricity in lightning and the electricity in our brains). The illustrations are mind-boggling photographic collages of origami, string, little paper balls, and cut-outs of boys and girls in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors playing and exploring.

My children love the book and want to read it almost every night—my daughter even took it to school to show her science teacher! They relate well to the idea of drinking water from lakes where dinosaurs drank, and sneezing with the force of a tornado. The author and illustrator make nature and earthly wonders accessible to children in this book, and the reader realizes that as amazing as we are, and as much care as we take with ourselves, we must extend that same awe and care to our planet. What a great message.


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