THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

Reviewed by: Kris

“I can’t wait till I have grandchildren. When I was younger, I had to walk to the rim of a crater. Uphill! In an EVA suit! On Mars, ya little shit! Ya hear me? Mars!”


The Martian was one of the best books I have read in the past several years. It is gripping, funny, thought provoking, and thoroughly entertaining. I was blown away by how well researched it was. I am not a scientist, but the layman’s explanations of the many scientific facts that are crucial to the plot made sense to me.

As the protagonist is left stranded on Mars, there are very few relationships in the book. Rather than this making the novel dry and stagnant, the element of danger and the humor keep it very lively. I enjoyed getting both Watney’s perspective and that of the scientists and media back on Earth. The Martian is a beautifully crafted book, plot and words alike—one of those that makes me a bit sad to have finished reading it. Its status as a New York Times Bestseller of 2014 was justly earned.


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