THE ART OF ASKING by Amanda Palmer

Reviewed by: Charis Loveland

“…Asking for help with gratitude says we have the power to help each other.”


In her first book The Art of Asking, polarizing musician Amanda Palmer shares her struggles with asking for help. She seems to resist most when asking people she loves, like her husband, writer Neil Gaiman. To ask, Palmer argues, is to expose yourself to vulnerability. She battles with her self esteem and feels like she can’t ask her husband for money. In this way, she demonstrates the struggle that we all face with our inner demons.

Amanda has been called shameless, but I believe a better word is “unashamed.” She’s true to herself, and lets the rest go. I admire how comfortable she is, and how much confidence she exudes.

Amanda shares proudly the parts of the book that her fans contributed to. As a fan who has interacted with Amanda on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog, reading this made me feel so connected to her and to this book, similar to how I feel connected with Amanda when listening to her songs.


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